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How Much is LASU School Fees?

How Much is LASU School Fees: welcome to Studentportals.com.ng

It is crucial for students and parents planning for university to have an idea of how much it costs.

Knowing the fee structure is required for prospective students because Lagos State University (LASU) is one of the prestigious institutions in Nigeria you need to know their fee structure.

This guide contains various categories of LASU’s school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session.

An Overview of LASU School Fees

The tuition fees at LASU vary with program and indigeneity.

The institution has made sure that generally, the fees are structured in such a way that makes education affordable while maintaining its high standard Here’s a full breakdown of what each category pays.

LASU School Fees for New Students

LASU's school fees for new students (freshers) in 2024/2025 academic session are as follows:

Indigenes: The sum of ₦57,048.50 per session

Non-Indigenes: ₦150,000 per session (for the Special Program with Entrepreneurship Training)

However, it should be noted that all new students must use ₦30,000 as an acceptance fee before any other payment can be made.

LASU school fees for all Courses

How Much is LASU School Fees?

As you prepare to join Lagos State University (LASU), one of the key pieces of information you need is the school fees. Knowing "how much is LASU school fees" can help you budget and plan effectively for your academic journey.

 Below is a detailed breakdown of LASU school fees for various courses.

Course Fees (₦)
Nursing Science 150,000
Microbiology 100,000
Law 150,000
Medicine And Surgery 160,000
Human Anatomy 100,000
Architecture 100,000
Human Nutrition And Dietetics 100,000
Medical Laboratory Science 100,000
Accounting 100,000
Business Management 100,000
Public Administration 100,000
Economics 100,000
Public Health Technology 100,000
Electrical Engineering 100,000
Political Science 100,000
Doctor Of Pharmacy 100,000
Mechanical Engineering 100,000
Dentistry And Dental Surgery 100,000
Chemical Engineering 100,000
Radiography 150,000
Theatre Arts 100,000
Biochemistry 100,000
Petroleum Engineering 150,000
Computer Science 100,000

LASU School Fees for Returning Students

Returning students have a slightly different fee structure, depending on their course of study:

Regular Programs: ₦25,000 - ₦30,000 per session

Special Programs with Entrepreneurship Training: ₦150,000 per session

This fee covers various faculties, including Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Sciences, and Engineering.

Faculty-Specific Fees

Here's a more detailed breakdown of fees by faculty:

Faculty of Arts:  ₦113,250

Faculty of Social Sciences: ₦113,250

Faculty of Law: ₦115,750

Faculty of Sciences: ₦115,750

Faculty of Engineering: ₦115,750

Faculty of Education: ₦57,048.50

 How to Pay LASU School Fees

How to Pay LASU School Fees

Paying your LASU school fees is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the LASU official website: Navigate to the student services section.

2. Select "School Fees Payment": Enter your matriculation number and select the appropriate payment option.

3. Proceed with Payment: A payment ID will be generated. Use this ID to complete your payment via Quickteller or any designated bank.

Ensure you pay your fees on time to avoid penalties, such as a loss of studentship for the session.

The First Shock I got after my admission at Lagos state university (LASU)

When I received my first acceptance letter, the thrill turned quickly to worry as I read the school fees required. The costs for incoming students were not what I expected, particularly for non-indigenes such as myself. 

For example, I had to pay a sum of ₦150000 for the Special Program with Entrepreneurship Training. This was a big amount and so I needed to think fast and figure out how to handle my money.

Financial Management.

It was not easy combining other expenses and school fees. Here are some strategies that helped me:

Budgeting: In this regard, I made up an inclusive budget that prioritizes essential payments like school fee and accommodation.

Part-time Jobs: To make matters worse, in order to meet these costs I had to engage in part time jobs. This allowed me to not only settle for the fees but also gave me some extra money for personal needs.

Scholarships: Having said this, one can still try searching for scholarships or grants. Different scholarships offered by LASU can be very helpful in reducing financial burden when applied.

Looking For Assistance

You do not have any reason why you should fail again because of unpaid school fees. Don’t hesitate seeking assistance when it comes to school charges issues at LASU’s Student Financial Services Office (SFSO). 

Through their help and support, I learnt more about disbursement deadlines as well as ways of getting financial assistance.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1. How much is the acceptance fee at LASU?

The acceptance fee for LASU is ₦30,000, and it is mandatory for all newly admitted students.

 2. What is the school fee for LASU indigenes?

For indigene students, the fee is ₦57,048.50 per session.

3. How much is the LASU school fee for non-indigenes?

Non-indigenes are required to pay ₦150,000 per session, especially for the Special Program with Entrepreneurship Training.

4. Are there additional fees for certain programs?

Yes, some programs, especially those involving entrepreneurship training, may have higher fees. For instance, the Special Program fees are set at ₦150,000 per session.

5. What happens if I miss the fee payment deadline?

Missing the fee payment deadline can result in a loss of studentship for the academic session. It's crucial to pay on time to avoid such penalties.


As a student or parent planning for university education, knowing "how much is LASU school fees" is vital. 

With fees structured to support various programs, LASU ensures that education remains accessible.

 By paying your fees on time and following the outlined steps, you can secure your place in this esteemed institution.

Remember, investing in education is a significant step toward a brighter future. Make the most of your time at LASU by staying informed and proactive about your financial commitments.

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