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Why can't i change my opay account Name and number

 Why can't I change my OPay account number and Name? Welcome to Studentportals?

A student from University of Lagos called me prudent Joshua and asked, What is happening? Does it mean that after creating a new account on OPay, if anything happens to your account, you will not be able to make modifications such as changing the number or name? Why is OPay like this?

Why can't i change my opay account Name and number

Please calm down and read this article carefully to understand the main reason why you can't change your OPay account number on the app.

I know before you started searching "Why can't I change my OPay account name and number?" you have tried several times to change your OPay phone number.

Maybe you lost the SIM card or your phone and were not able to retrieve it, so the option is to change your OPay phone number. You discovered that your profile on OPay is not even editable.

 I'm sorry you are facing this challenge because it really hurts, especially when you have money in that account.

There is something I want you to understand about OPay. It will help you know the reason why you couldn't change your phone number.

How does OPay function?

OPay is an online bank and functions as a mobile payment platform (fintech company) that allows users to perform various financial transactions through their mobile devices. 

You don't need to suffer before you do any transaction like with other banks. Users, just like you and me, can make payments, transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime, and withdraw with your OPay card. If you don't have an OPay card, you can reach out to us now.

The app also has a wonderful feature where you can link your bank card to your OPay account to enable easy and smooth transactions.

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OPay provides services like savings, loans, and investment opportunities. It offers a comprehensive financial ecosystem that is easily accessible and user-friendly for users.

The above explanation shows that OPay does the same things the normal traditional banks do.

If you login to your OPay account, you will see where they wrote this:


Where to see LICENSED BY CBN AND INSURED BY NDIC on opay app
Screenshot from OPay

Do you know what it means?

Allow me to simplify it. Whenever and wherever OPay is "licensed by CBN and insured by NDIC," what it means is this:

1. Licensed by CBN: 

This means that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has formally authorized and approved OPay as a financial institution. 

For example, this license ensures that OPay follows the regulatory standards set down by the CBN that oversee banking and financial services in Nigeria, just like your regular banks licensed by CBN. Do you get it now? Let’s proceed.

2. Insured by NDIC:

 In other words, OPay’s deposits are covered under Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). This insurance will protect depositors in case the bank collapses or incurs any other bad problems related to money; thus even if it ends up closing we would still be able to have our money with us. 

It also secures customers’ funds which increase trust in them regarding their finances. So when someone says they are scared because they think that one day OPay might go bankrupt and they will not find all their savings left anymore, tell them that OPay is enrolled at NDIC.

Another question I want to ask you is this: Can you change any of your information in your normal traditional bank account with the bank app?

The answer is a capital No.

Why is it like that?

Because banks are regulated by CBN, and one of CBN's functions is to make sure that banks take security measures seriously to avoid impersonation, fraudulent modifications, and transactions in somebody's account, including fintech companies like OPay.

Do you understand now? Good!

I strongly believe by now you have started understanding the reason why you were unable to change your phone number or name on the OPay app by yourself.

 Why can't I change my OPay account number?

The reason you can't change your OPay account number or name is that OPay has stopped its users from changing their phone numbers or names after successful registration.

Why did they do it that way?

It's because of CBN directives and, more importantly, to avoid unauthorized access to people's accounts by fraudulent friends or people around you.

If you could change your OPay account number and name easily, don't you know that someone else could equally do that in your account fraudulently?

So don't be angry; let me show you how to change an OPay phone number.

How to change OPay phone number and edit your name

To change anything in your OPay account after successful registration, read this comprehensive article "How to change OPay account or phone number for OPay Users."

In this post, Prudentj2 discussed and provided a detailed, simple process to follow and change your OPay account number.

Now, let's go into a bit more detail.

OPay has become an essential part of financial transactions for many people. It's not just a mobile payment platform; it's an entire financial ecosystem that integrates various financial services into one app.

 This convenience comes with stringent security measures to protect users. These measures are not just about following regulations but also about ensuring that your money and personal information are safe.

When you lose your phone or SIM card, it can be a nightmare, especially if your OPay account is tied to it. The immediate thought is to change your phone number on the app to regain control. However, this isn't straightforward with OPay, and for a good reason.

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Regulatory Compliance and Security

Being licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) means OPay must adhere to strict regulations. These regulations are designed to protect consumers and maintain the integrity of the financial system.

 One such regulation is that changes to critical account information like phone numbers and names cannot be done casually. This is to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.

When a financial institution is insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), it means that the deposits are protected. 

If OPay were to face financial difficulties, the NDIC would ensure that depositors get their money back up to a certain limit. This insurance is a safety net for users, giving them confidence that their money is safe.

 Why Direct Changes Aren't Allowed

Imagine if anyone could easily change the phone number or name on an OPay account. This would open up many opportunities for fraud. If someone gets unauthorized access to your account, they could change your details and lock you out. 

This is why OPay, like many other financial institutions, does not allow direct changes to critical account information through the app.

Instead, to change your phone number or name, you need to go through a verification process. This process usually involves contacting OPay customer service, providing identification, and verifying your current account details. It may seem cumbersome, but these steps are essential for protecting your account.

 Why This Process is Necessary

While this process may seem lengthy, it is crucial for ensuring the security of your account. Fraud and identity theft are serious issues, and financial institutions must take every precaution to prevent them. 

By requiring verification and not allowing direct changes through the app, OPay ensures that only the legitimate account holder can make such changes.

Protecting Your Account

To avoid the inconvenience of having to change your phone number, take steps to protect your account:

Keep Your Phone Secure: Use a strong password or biometric lock on your phone. This prevents unauthorized access if your phone is lost or stolen.

Use Two-Factor Authentication:  This adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Regularly Update Passwords: Change your passwords regularly and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.

Be Cautious with Personal Information: Avoid sharing your OPay login details with anyone. Be wary of phishing scams that try to trick you into giving away your account information.


Understanding why you can't change your OPay account number directly through the app is crucial. It's not about making things difficult for users; it's about ensuring the security and integrity of your account. 

OPay, like all financial institutions, must follow regulations and take stringent security measures to protect its users. 

While the process to change your phone number or name may seem cumbersome, it is necessary for safeguarding your account from fraud and unauthorized access. Follow the proper steps, and rest assured that your account is secure.

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