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Babcock University School Fees: A Detailed Guide (2024)

When considering attending a university, one of the most important factors to think about is the cost. As a prospective or current student of Babcock University, understanding the tuition and fees is crucial. 

Babcock University owned by Christian institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State. 

The fees differ appreciably depending on the course and level of study. Undergraduate programs, for example, can cost as little as N 600,000 or go up to about N5,500,000 annually. 

At 100 level medical students have to pay approximately N5,500,000 while law costs around N1,539,990

In my investigations of Babcock University, I had to determine the school fees. In preparation for my college years, it was crucial to know them; hence, I will share what I found with other students in similar situations.

 I will break down the school fees structure for the 2023/2024 academic session based on the information available on Babcock University's official website.

Babcock University school fees

General Overview of School Fees

Babcock University offers good number of programs, and the fees vary depending on the course and level of study. 

The fees are generally divided into categories such as tuition, accommodation, feeding, and other miscellaneous charges

Below table is a detailed breakdown summary of the fees for various programs and levels.

This table summarizes the various fees for courses, accommodation, feeding, and other charges at Babcock University.

Course Level Full Year Fee (₦) First Semester Fee (₦)
Accounting 100 Level 989,449 504,125
Accounting 200-300 Level 889,449 454,125
Accounting 400-500 Level 718,807 392,843
Agriculture 100 Level 904,129 462,757
Agriculture 200-300 Level 804,129 412,757
Agriculture 400-500 Level 653,176 356,974
Law 100 Level 1,539,990 873,994
Law 200-300 Level 1,439,990 823,994
Law 400-500 Level 1,142,300 645,380
Medicine 100 Level 5,500,000 3,025,000
Medicine 200-300 Level 4,500,000 2,475,000
Medicine 400-600 Level 4,000,000 2,200,000
Accommodation Fees
Classic - 376,120 188,060
Premium - 284,080 142,040
Regular - 228,856 114,428
Feeding Fees
2 Meals Option - 523,600 261,800
3 Meals Option - 785,400 392,700
Other Fees
Clinical/Program Enhancement - 158,700 -
Laboratory - 39,000 -
IT Certification - 41,400 -

For undergraduate programs, the fees are structured based on the student's level (100L, 200L-300L, 400L-500L) and the specific course of study. Here are some examples:

  •  100L: ₦989,449 (Full Year), ₦504,125 (1st Semester)
  •  200L-300L: ₦889,449 (Full Year), ₦454,125 (1st Semester)
  •  400L-500L: ₦718,807 (Full Year), ₦392,843 (1st Semester)

  •  100L: ₦904,129 (Full Year), ₦462,757 (1st Semester)
  •  200L-300L: ₦804,129 (Full Year), ₦412,757 (1st Semester)
  •  400L-500L: ₦653,176 (Full Year), ₦356,974 (1st Semester)

  •  100L: ₦1,539,990 (Full Year), ₦873,994 (1st Semester)
  •  200L-300L: ₦1,439,990 (Full Year), ₦823,994 (1st Semester)
  •  400L-500L: ₦1,142,300 (Full Year), ₦645,380 (1st Semester)

Medical Students Fees;

Medical students of Babcock University

For those pursuing a medical degree, the fees are notably higher:

 100 Level:
  •   Full Year: ₦5,500,000
  •   First Bill: ₦3,025,000
  •   Second Bill: ₦2,475,000

200-300 Level:
  •   Full Year: ₦4,500,000
  •   First Bill: ₦2,475,000
  •   Second Bill: ₦2,025,000

400-600 Level:

  •   Full Year: ₦4,000,000
  •   First Bill: ₦2,200,000
  •   Second Bill: ₦1,800,000

Accommodation and Feeding

Accommodation at Babcock University comes in three categories: Classic, Premium, and Regular, each with different costs:

Classic: ₦376,120 (Full Year), ₦188,060 (1st Semester)

Premium: ₦284,080 (Full Year), ₦142,040 (1st Semester)

Regular: ₦228,856 (Full Year), ₦114,428 (1st Semester)

Feeding options also vary, with two main choices:

2 Meals Option: ₦523,600 (Full Year), ₦261,800 (1st Semester)

3 Meals Option: ₦785,400 (Full Year), ₦392,700 (1st Semester)

Other Fees

Apart from tuition and accommodation, students may also need to pay other fees such as:

Clinical/Program Enhancement Fees: ₦158,700 per year.

Laboratory Fees: ₦39,000 per year.

IT Certification: ₦41,400 per year (for certain programs)

Miscellaneous Fees: Varies, includes charges for services like library and IT competence.

Discounts and Scholarships

Several programs offer discounts. E.g., Agricultural Science, Basic Science, Religious Studies and Education programmes have tuition reductions from 30% to 50%.

 Additionally, all final year students must pay an extra 10,000 Naira as Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition Programme. There are also scholarships and financial aid opportunities for eligible students.

Believe me Understanding the cost of education at Babcock University is essential for planning and budgeting. It will really help you.

 The fees vary widely depending on the program and level of study, with additional costs for accommodation, feeding, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Why It Matters

It is important to understand these fees because they help you plan and budget for the academic year. 

The fee breakdown enables one to be ready for more than just tuition but also other additional expenses that are incurred while studying at Babcock University.

My Personal Experience

For instance when I was finding out about Babcock University, I discovered where my money would go through a detailed cost breakdown allowing me to plan accordingly. 

Although this is a big investment decision being able to find out everything beforehand makes it far less painful.

The table with the course fees information for Babcock University is part of my research and findings in this Studentportals.

Babcock University school Environment

Babcock University school fees 2024
Course Year Level Tuition Fee (Naira)
Education 100 Level 625,413
Accounting 100 Level 982,246
Accounting 200-300 Level 889,449
Accounting 400-500 Level 718,807
Law 100 Level 1,539,990
Law 200-300 Level 1,334,880
Law 400-500 Level 1,245,259
Medicine 100 Level 5,500,000
Medicine 200-300 Level 4,000,000
Medicine 400-600 Level 4,000,000
Computer Science 100 Level 982,246
Computer Science 200-300 Level 889,449
Computer Science 400-500 Level 718,807

Babcock University School Fees FAQs

Babcock University School Fees FAQs

How much is Babcock University school fees?

The school fees at Babcock University vary by program and level of study. For example, Education programs start at 625,413 Naira per year, while Medicine can be as high as 5,500,000 Naira per year.

How much is Babcock University school fees for freshers?

For new students (100 level), the fees range from about 625,413 Naira for Education programs to 1,539,990 Naira for Law. Medical students pay around 5,500,000 Naira.

Babcock University school fees for Medicine and Surgery

The tuition fees for Medicine and Surgery are 5,500,000 Naira for the first year and 4,000,000 Naira for subsequent years (200-600 level).

How much is Babcock University school fees for Law?

Law students pay 1,539,990 Naira in their first year. Fees for 200-300 level are 1,334,880 Naira, and for 400-500 level, it is 1,245,259 Naira per year.

How much is Babcock University school fees for Nursing?

Nursing students pay around 1,153,774 Naira per year for all levels.

Babcock University school fees for Medicine and Surgery

Again, Medicine and Surgery fees are 5,500,000 Naira for the first year and 4,000,000 Naira for subsequent years.


To put it briefly, getting to know the cost of Babcock University school fees is necessary for would-be students and their families.

 They differ greatly depending on a program and a year of study, starting from 625,413 Naira for Education and reaching up to 5,500,000 Naira (Nursing). 

Apart from this there are feeding costs, accommodation among other various fees such as Law. Making adequate plans for these expenses guarantees an easier schooling process

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