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Egede capping book: Meaning, How to get it, Legal and Ethical Imprecations

 Understanding Egede Capping Book and Its Significance in Nigerian Universities: welcome to Studentportals!

Egede capping book

In Nigeria universities or high institutions, the term “confraternity” evokes a combination of fear, curiosity and controversy. They have been known to be cults having a notorious standing. 

The terminology egede capping book has lately sparked interest to many people among other names they are identified as.

 This blog post seeks to explain what the egede capping book is, its significance in Egede confraternity and how such groups affect students’ lives as well as university life generally.

What is a Confraternity?

A confraternity is another name for cult groups operating within Nigerian institutions of higher learning that remain secret organizations. 

When established, these fraternities were aimed at promoting certain social and political principles among students on campuses. 

Nonetheless, with time most of them have become associated with violence, criminal activities and illegal practices among others. These went back to the 1950s when Pyrates Confraternity was first formed at University College Ibadan. Presently there exist several confraternities each with distinct identities and traditions.

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The Egede Confraternity

The Egede confraternity is one of the secret societies found in Nigerian higher institutions. It is similar to other fraternities because it operates in secrecy and has strict conditions for membership. 

The origin of the Egede confraternity is not known but its structure remains hierarchical and complicated initiation ceremonies are done. This group has members sworn to maintain secrecy, dedication, and they usually do things that suggest solidarity with the fraternity.

What does Egede Capping Book Mean?

Capping book is a name given to a guide used by individuals associated with these societies. In relation to the egede confraternity, an egede capping book is a document that lays down rules, rituals taken during initiation into confraternity, oaths taken during initiation as well as other vital information about the organization’s activities. 

This text acts as a guide highlighting obligations and directions adhered to by members of this secret society. The contents of such capping books are generally concealed from outsiders; having one could therefore indicate that someone belongs to the Egede confraternity.

How to get Egede capping book

To get the book, you have to fill the online form. After filling and submit the form, download button will be prompted out for you to download the group.

The Influence of Confraternities on Students and Universities

Egede confraternity among other fraternities has a great impact on students as well as universities in Nigeria. Nonetheless, the negative impacts surpass the positive aspects that some members look for.

 For example, violent confrontations instigated by confraternities often cause injuries or even death to the students involved. 

Moreover, this can be combined with serious offenses such as drug trafficking, extortion and armed robbery among others, which not only reduce their dignity but also make them loose credibility.

Fear and panic are usually an immediate outcome whenever these groups exist within learning institutions. 

Learning activities have been slowed down because of insecurity caused by their existence in campuses across the country; creating fear in most students.

Efforts to control these organizations have been made by Universities’ Authority in collaboration with police, though it is very difficult due to its deeply rooted nature.

Legal and Ethical Implications

Involvement in any fraternity allowed by law has legal implications that should be taken into consideration. Unlawful behavior can culminate into being arrested, prosecuted and convicted accordingly.

 In addition, one’s family background might also be affected since there are several occasions whereby individuals engage themselves in violent acts leading to loss of lives or property when they belong to such groups and studying at different colleges or universities.

 A Real-Life Example: The ABSU Incident

student of Abia State University that was murdered

To illustrate the dangerous impact of confraternities, consider the case of a final-year student at Abia State University (ABSU). This student was tragically murdered in a violent clash between rival cult groups.

 According to reports, he was gunned down on campus, sparking fear and tension among the student body.

 The suspect, later arrested by the police, expressed regret for his actions and pleaded for a second chance.

 This incident highlights the tragic consequences of confraternity involvement and underscores the need for awareness and preventive measures in universities.


Conclusively, the egede capping book is a vital part of Egede confraternity that offer guidelines and structure to its members. However, there are more profound implications associated with Nigerians’ fraternities.

 These gangs are responsible for violence, criminality and disorders in the schools which have a direct impact on these students’ academic life or personal life.

 Awareness and informed decision making are key in dealing with the issues related to confraternities. Students can make university environments safer and more productive by prioritizing safety measures and ethical actions.

Understanding what Egede capping book is and Nigerian Cults (confraternities) at large will help students find their way at campus better, ensuring they make choices that support their health as well as academic excellence.

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