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Fees for Federal Polytechnic Oko: school fees for freshers and Old students, acceptance fee, medical fees, departmental fees and Bank charges.

Hello welcome to Studentportals! My name is Prudent Joshua. I am a student of Public Administration at Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State and the Current Secretary General for PASAN.

Federal Polytechnic Oko school fees
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 In this blog post, I will help you understand the various fees you need to pay as a student at Oko poly.

If you are a new student who doesn't know how to start or you are looking for someone who can help with clearance or in any form, call OGBOBE at 07030481980. He is very reliable and always ready to help. You can find his office beside the Microfinance Bank in Oko, the one on the main road. Once you get there, ask anybody you are looking for OGBOBE, and they will direct you. Please beware of scammers ⚠️

Federal Polytechnic Oko is a good school with well-qualified and God-fearing lecturers. There is no way you will not do well in your academics if you take your studies seriously.

The number one cause of academic failure is unseriousness. It usually comes from the people you associate with, sometimes from your lifestyle, and lack of self-discipline, which is very important because, at this point, no parents or guardians will be around to correct or direct you.

Oko Polytechnic is very affordable compared to other federal schools. Their fees are high but affordable. Continue reading to see the comprehensive breakdown of Federal Polytechnic Oko fees. You can also Read My Previous Post; What is Your Discipline as a Student?

School Fees for Freshers (ND1 & HND1)

Breakdown of federal polytechnic Oko Fees for Freshers
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I want to start with the school fees and other fees for freshers (ND 1 and HND 1). The school fees for new students at Federal Polytechnic Oko vary slightly depending on your department. 

Generally, the fee is either ₦45,000 or ₦40,000. Continue reading to see departments that pays ₦45,000 and ₦40,000 respectively. In addition to this, there is a mandatory bank charge of ₦500.

 Breakdown of Fees for Freshers:

School Fees: ₦40,000 or ₦45,000 (depending on the department)

Acceptance Fee: ₦25,000

Portal Clearance Fee: ₦7,250

Medical Admin Fee: ₦3,250

X-Ray and Accident Insurance & ID Card: ₦4,250

T-SHIP and Laboratory Test: ₦4,250

Digital Library: ₦3,000

GNS: ₦1,000

SUG: ₦2,000

T-Shirt: ₦3,000

Crest: ₦1,500

ICT Academy Fee: ₦7,500

Data Capture: ₦1,500

Alumni Fee: ₦3,500

Matric Fee: ₦5,000

Department Clearance: ₦6,000 to ₦10,000 (depending on the department).

Breakdown in table for easy understanding
Fee Description Amount (₦) Bank Charges (₦)
School Fees 40,000 or 45,000 (depending on department) 500
Acceptance Fee 25,000 500
Portal Clearance Fee 7,250 500
Medical Admin Fee 3,250 500
X-Ray, Accident Insurance & ID Card 4,250 500
T-SHIP and Laboratory Test 4,250 500
Digital Library 3,000 700
GNS 1,000 500
SUG 2,000 500
T-Shirt 3,000 500
Crest 1,500 500
ICT Academy Fee 7,500 500
Data Capture 1,500 500
Alumni Fee 3,500 500
Matric Fee 5,000 500
Department Clearance 6,000 to 10,000 (depending on department) -

Total Estimated Fees: 125,000 to 135,000 (including bank charges)

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 School Fees for Old Students (ND2 & HND2)

For ND2 (200 level) and HND2 (400 level) students, the fees are different.

 Breakdown of Fees for Old Students:

  • School Fees (All Departments): ₦33,000
  • Medical Fee: ₦3,400
  • SUG Fee: ₦2,000
  • Consultancy Fee (for part-time students): ₦15,000
  • Departmental Clearance: ₦3,000 to ₦6,000 (depending on the department)

In addition to these fees, there are bank charges associated with each payment:

Bank Charges:

  •   School Fees: ₦500
  •   Medical Fee: ₦500
  •   SUG Fee: ₦300
  •   Consultancy Fee (part-time students): ₦500

Total Estimated Fees for Old Students: ₦55,400 to ₦59,400

Grand Total with Bank Charges: ₦57,200 to ₦61,200

Breakdown in table for Old students
Fee Description Amount (₦) Bank Charges (₦)
School Fees (All Departments) 33,000 500
Medical Fee 3,400 500
SUG Fee 2,000 300
Consultancy Fee (for part-time students) 15,000 500
Departmental Clearance 3,000 to 6,000 (depending on department) -

Total Estimated Fees: 55,400 to 59,400 (excluding consultancy fee)

Grand Total with Bank Charges: 57,200 to 61,200

As you prepare to join or continue your studies at Federal Polytechnic Oko, having a clear understanding of these fees will help you plan better. 

Make sure you have enough money to cover all the necessary payments to avoid any disruptions in your registration process.

 Acceptance Fee

One of the first fees you will pay as a new student is the acceptance fee. This is ₦25,000, and it confirms that you have accepted the admission offer.

 There is also a ₦500 bank charge for this fee. It’s important to pay this fee early to secure your Admission at the polytechnic.

 Medical Fees

The institution takes student health seriously, so there are several medical-related fees.

 The medical administration fee is ₦3,250, and there is a bank charge of ₦500. In addition to this, you need to pay ₦4,250 for X-ray, accident insurance, and your ID card, along with another ₦500 bank charge. 

There is also a fee of ₦4,250 for T-SHIP and laboratory tests, plus the usual ₦500 bank charge.

Departmental Fees

Departmental fees vary depending on your department, usually ranging from ₦6,000 to ₦10,000. This fee covers various department-specific activities and requirements.

Bank Fees

Other than standard fees, other bank charges are associated with every transaction. In most cases, these costs average about five hundred Naira for each transaction except the digital library fee whose bank charge goes for seven hundred Naira.

Total Figures

Considering all the fees indicated above, it is estimated that a new student will pay between one hundred and twenty five thousand Naira and one hundred and thirty five thousand Naira as total costs. 

However, this estimate includes bank charges but may vary slightly depending on the department and other miscellaneous fees not mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Oko Polytechnic school fees for freshers?

The school fees for freshers at Federal Polytechnic Oko are either ₦40,000 or ₦45,000, depending on the department. Additionally, there are various other fees, including acceptance fees and medical fees, bringing the total estimated cost to between ₦125,000 and ₦135,000.

What are Oko Polytechnic school fees?

The school fees for Oko Polytechnic vary based on the level and department of study. For freshers (ND1 & HND1), the fees range between ₦40,000 and ₦45,000, plus additional mandatory fees.

 For Old Students (ND2 & HND2), the school fees are ₦33,000, plus other associated fees.

How much is Oko Polytechnic school fees?

Oko Polytechnic school fees for freshers (ND1 & HND1) are between ₦40,000 and ₦45,000, plus additional fees, totaling approximately ₦125,000 to ₦135,000. 

For old students (ND2 & HND2), the school fees are ₦33,000, with total costs ranging from ₦55,400 to ₦61,200 including bank charges and other fees.

Closing Remarks

It would be prudent to budget approximately one hundred fifty thousand nairas in readiness to join us at Federal Polytechnic Oko; this caters for all the expenses plus any unforeseen events. 

Being financially prepared will make your transition smoother while creating enough time for you to concentrate on studies and adapt to new environment.

This breakdown should give you an idea of what fees/charges you expect. If there is anything unclear or if further assistance is needed please reach out to OGBOBE AND BROS COMMUNICATIONS by calling 07030481980—He is very reliable and always ready to help.

Welcome to Federal Polytechnic Oko! We shall have a good academic journey together.

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