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2 Sentences That Show You Are a Strong Candidate for a Scholarship

 The scholarship I feel that I am a good candidate for. But what really happened? They asked me, in 2 sentences, tell us why you feel you are a strong candidate for the scholarship.

In 2 sentences, tell us why you feel you are a strong candidate for the scholarship.

Most of the time, a scholarship application requires one to identify their strengths and justify why they deserve financial aid. When told to sum up my qualifications in two sentences only, I knew I had to put it across in brief but strong and powerful words. This was how I approached it and why I think that it makes mine different.

My Passionate and Committed Nature

Right from the start, my academic history demonstrates unwavering dedication as well as excellence in my chosen field of study. 

With community service work as well as participation in other school activities, I believe that this is an indication that I possess various virtues and have the potentiality of being a great leader.

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Fighting Hardship

A series of challenges which occurred during my lifetime have enabled me to cultivate toughness, hopefulness and tenaciousness. These circumstances have fortified my decision and granted me an individual point of view towards education which shapes my studies as well as objectives in future.

Practical Experience

I also got practical experience through internships and volunteering aside from excelling in class. Such exposures allowed me to apply theory into practice thus equipping me with requisite skills enabling meaningful input within chosen career path after graduation.

Anytime you go for scholarship interview and they asked you;

In 2 sentences, tell us why you feel you are a strong candidate for the scholarship.

Answer; I strongly believe that I am an eligible applicant for this scholarship because of my scholastic accomplishments and service to the community, which are a testament to my dedication and ability.

 My life has been characterized by surmounting obstacles and using real world experience as a way of advancing both knowledge in my field of expertise and society.

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Commitment Makes A Difference

It is crucial for me to use the knowledge and skills I acquire from education and improve lives within my neighborhood. Therefore, applying this opportunity will assist me in continuing with my education as well as finding answers that can solve problems experienced by people in reality.

 To prove why I deserve this scholarship, I have demonstrated that I possess intense passion for what I do, resilient character, practical work experience while showing commitment to make a change. 

It’s important you remain honest about your own personal experiences when trying to reason with your audience.

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